Burned Bridges [Subway Series]


I trusted you. I trusted. You. You called me your cousin, acting as though you found nothing about me appealing besides my personality. I was cute. A little sister almost. You didn’t ask to touch me. When I told you “no” you kicked me out. Forcing me to walk home. You apologized. Said you’d make it up to me. How do you make that up? I saw your link. Asking me to listen to your music. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I ignored it.

I trusted you.

I should have known you’d use sex to get what you wanted. I just felt no pressure from you. I thought we had gotten past that point. I called when I needed a place to stay. You were so eager to help but I should have read the look in your eyes better. You touched me without asking. I told you stop. You did. That night I had a nightmare that you had sex with me and I couldn’t get you off me. Reality and fantasy mixed and I woke up confused. You apologized a few days later. I didn’t feel better. He told me that I didn’t have to accept your apology. So I deleted it.

I no longer trust you.

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