New Year, No New Hobbies [Subway Series]

You ruined my favorite hobby. I don’t think you actually understood what you did. You assumed apologies and $100 would calm my angry but in the end it will never be enough. You weren’t losing a friend like you said, you were losing a cute girl you could possibly, if the only guy left on earth and humanoid aliens hadn’t come to take it over yet, have sex with. You took my trust, stomped on it and acted as though I needed to get over it. I know I meant nothing to you so why did you play so many games.

He told me not to trust you. I was headstrong. He didn’t know you, he didn’t know me. I wasn’t a child so how could I be wrong? How could he warn me? But you’re a hustler so you got one over on me. You ruined my favorite hobby. I thought it would take me far, at least bring me happiness. Each attempt just a chance to learn more and get better. I took a class and proudly shared my photos with others. You told me you’d help me continue on my path of growth. After you broke my heart I put my camera down. I let it collect dust as I stared at it. I just couldn’t do it. Family members asked me why I had stopped. I just lost interest. Although not a lie, I couldn’t find the passion I once had. It no longer filled me with joy to capture moments in time.

Now I only pick it up for boyfriends who think they’re a photographer and school projects. I said I would try again next year but next year is only a few hours away and I no longer see myself trying again anytime soon. I’m not suppose to let a broken heart stop me from dreams and aspirations but sometimes it’s too heavy to shake. You ruined my favorite hobby.

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