You’re Not My Type Anymore [Subway Series]

You remind me of a time in my life I don’t want to go back to. See it’s not that you’re a bad influence or that you bring me sadness. It’s more of the fact that you remind me of the boys I told myself I’d let go of years ago. We both know your type. You’re not a smooth talker so girls think you’re okay. You play games to catch her attention, allowing her to feel comfortable with you until you’ve got her in your grasps. Then you switch off the sweet part of your personality and show her what she really means to you. She’s just a quickie really.

She tried to warn me. I didn’t want to believe her. She told me you disrespect girls all the time and that asking me to coffee was simply because you think I like that kind of things. I believed you’d be a good friend. Sweet without conditions.

I was probably wrong. You remind me of being lied to. You remind me of potential mistakes that I thought I had grown from. Mistakes that caused me problems in the past. I’m not looking to go back there.

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