A Letter to my Sisters [Subway Series]

Baby girl, I love you.
You are so beautiful and intelligent. You are light so bright just seeing your name pop up on my screen brings a smile to my face. Seeing your face makes my heart skip a beat.

I know life is difficult. I know there are days it takes all your energy to undress and stand in the shower. To make yourself something to eat. To just exist. I see the hard nights leaving their mark in your eyes. Exhaustion. You barely sleep sometimes. I see the struggle to stay afloat. I been there. Days so long I can only wait for the calm of night, just to find myself restless as ever.

I see you’re hurting. I am too. Some days I just need to put on foot in front of the other to reach my destination. Counting endless steps. I never understood my reason to move forward. At times it seems pointless, why bother to stride toward happiness when I’ll only be pushed back into sadness? I suppose like the day I decided I didn’t want to live but fought on anyway she was the reason, you are as well. My sisters. Younger, older, the same age.

You are light so bright. Energy so precious. Love so necessary not everyone knows how to accept you. That’s okay. Keep lighting the world and keeping it spinning. Remember baby girl when you are unsure of everything even the color of the sky, just know that I love you. Keep on keepin’ on.

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