Cuddle Buddy

I’ve always been a placeholder for the next best thing in people’s lives. I’m a therapist, I’m a bed warmer, I’m someone people just turn to for those moments they need an arm to cry on. I’m not really a friend but I’m definitely not a stranger.

I have a man who said he’d spoil me and continues to compliment my cuteness. Nobody trusts his intentions with my heart, mind, body, and soul. They claim he’s just trying to get one thing from me and I suppose I can see that. Still, I distrust him for another reason. I know his girl is far away and that sometimes you just need someone who can stay. He tried to pull me in this weekend but I resisted. She was in the back of my mind the entire time. I know they have an agreement and I won’t question that. But did he really want to be with me or did he just want to turn over and see a body there to remind him of what he could be enjoying when he sees her again?

In the end though, I’ve learned to accept my position in lives as someone who is just meant to come and go without leaving much of a trace. It’s okay.

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