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With Intention

“Do you love yourself?” “Yes, I do.” I paused, “But not enough.” I love myself to know when I’m going against my beliefs, to feel confident enough to speak up when someone I’m close with has hurt me. I love myself to make sure I eat and shower regularly because I use to forget when …

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He asked me what my biggest insecurity was. Fidgeting with the grass, pulling it up between my fingers, I struggled with the words. So I let a soft “no” leave between my lips. I wasn’t comfortable telling him. I stared at my fingers, my insecurity felt so obvious to me. I didn’t understand how he …

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Bad Friend

I think we should stop being friends for awhile. I know, it’s so sudden and I just saw you last week. So why now? Why after all the support and love you’ve given me, what more can you do for me keep you around? Nothing because you’ve done enough. But you aren’t enough. If that …

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